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Heading towards Tikal
Tikal Mayan Ruins
Tikal, Flores
Admiring the view
Mayan ruins at Tikal
Dinner in Flores
The TCM Group
Quetzaltenango Graveyard
So many patients!
Helping people
Pediatric Gonstead Chiropractic
Another handsome patient!
Found the subluxation!
Dr. Brian Kim
Helping people of all ages
Dr. Johnson
Dr. Brennan
Dr. Liu's special patient

This is an 11 year old child with cerebral palsy

Dr. Tanaka
Grateful patients
The happy side posture
Dr. Johnson
Dr. Tanaka's lady love

This woman randomly gravitated towards Dr. Tanaka in a church!

Group lunch
Rich Culture
Dr. Rhee on the marimbas
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