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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Tanaka Chiropractic Missions blossomed from humble beginnings with Dr. Steven Tanaka.  He has provided quality care to his patients for decades inside and out of his busy practice.  For years, Dr. Tanaka has organized annual trips to Guatemala and El Salvador.  When he fell ill in 2016, his colleagues who regularly participated in his trips decided to not let his selfless hard work fall to the wayside, and Tanaka Chiropractic Missions was born!  The organization strives to carry on the legacy he laid the foundation for: providing quality Gonstead chiropractic care to underserved populations worldwide. 

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Meet The Team

Dr.Randal Johnson

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Dr. Johnson has been practicing Gonstead chiropractic in Monterey, California for thirty years.  He is a Diplomate and Fellow in the Gonstead technique and sits on the board of the Gonstead Clinical Studies Society.  He was awarded Gonstead “Teacher of the Year” in 1996. He has been teaching sports injury and Gonstead technique seminars for the last twenty years and now has begun to participate in and lead chiropractic missions to Central and South America. “Dr Tanaka has been my friend and colleague for thirty years.  His groundbreaking work in bringing high quality chiropractic care to Central America inspired me to help create TCM inc. with Dr. Liu and Dr. Rhee in order to continue his work and honor his legacy.”  

Dr. Jennifer Zhu

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Dr. Zhu has had a soft spot in for these chiropractic mission trips since her first attendance in 2009.  They have made a profound impact on her path as a chiropractor and she is proud to be a founder as well as a board member on this organization. As a Gonstead Diplomate, she takes each experience to heart and enjoys spreading her zeal for quality Gonstead chiropractic care, whether on a mission trip or at her practice in Santa Clara, CA.


Dr. Henry Silvestriz

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Dr. Henry graduated from Life University in Georgia in 2018. He attended his first Tanaka Chiropractic Mission trip in 2016, it was then he knew he truly found his passion. Since then, he has had the itch to get back to help continue the legacy of Dr. Steven Tanaka and help those in need in the most remote and underserved places.


After over 300 hours of post-graduate studies in Gonstead and serving as a clinical director in his community, he is proud and ready to serve along with the TCM group. He is looking forward to taking chiropractic to those that need it most!


Dr. Pamela Troxell

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The passion to help those in need through chiropractic, whether in the United States or abroad, was instilled in Dr. Pam through this much needed form of healing arts, especially the methodology of Gonstead Chiropractic.  It was at a Gonstead seminar where she met Dr. Steven Tanaka, the founder of this organization.

After many years of practicing, it was a great honor to be presented twice with the “Doctor of the Year” awards from the Gonstead Methodology Institute.  Retirement has been a great reward of many years and continued service in chiropractic.  It encouraged her to continue working in the field through mission trips and serving to teach young chiropractic students.  Rewards of giving her all to serving people through chiropractic care came to her by mentors too many to mention but deserve the accolade of recognition!


Calvin Winter

Cal is married to Dr. Pam.  They met in eighth grade; had one date just after high school; re met at their 40th reunion and proceeded to a second date and all that followed after.

He is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries.  At retirement in 1994 he was SVP and CFO of John Alden Financial Corporation, a then NYSE company.  Cal had led their successful LBO, IPO and first Secondary Offering.

Cal spent a Junior Year semester in Thailand.  And he spent a year teaching Math and Insurance at a technical school in Malaysia.  So after retiring, he did consulting in East Asia for the clients of Hannover Re through 2006.  He has backpacked through Europe and Asia, and is an avid hiker.

Meet Dr. Tanaka

Dr. Steven Tanaka has been in practice for over 40 years in Watsonville, CA.  He was and is the inspiration for this humble organization!  Dr. Tanaka's selfless devotion to improving the experience of the patient and doctor is nothing less than inspirational.  

Former Director

Dr. Justine Rhee

Dr. Rhee's story begins with the touch of love and passion. As a chiropractor, she works with her bare hands, touching the lives of many people in her community in Pasadena, CA.  She takes great pride in her work as a Gonstead Diplomate.  To have the opportunity to expand this work across internationally has truly been a blessing and a dream come true. It’s been one of the most incredible experiences in her life.  

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