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A personal touch

Dr. Johnson is not only one of our highly respected founders, but a chiropractor whose skill is only matched by his compassion. We are so lucky and grateful for the ability to work alongside him and other fantastic DCs in on these trips.

What I think makes these trips so special, is that we are submerged in an environment of learning-- from our patients and from our colleagues. It's an experience that is hard to put into words, but Dr. Johnson wrote an amazing piece in the GCSS newsletter, The Scope.

The full article can be found below, but here's a taste. I hope it entices you to read his whole article, it's beautifully written and very eloquent.

"Gonstead chiropractic doctors are always on a mission. A mission to heal the world-one spine at a time. And our purpose follows clearly from this mission; to “Spread the health” by improving spinal biomechanics and neurophysiological function through the Gonstead chiropractic system. Whether we are working in our home town office serving our regular patients or travelling to exotic lands to serve people who are sadly lacking chiropractic health care; we are improving the health of the world. As Gonstead doctors, we are elite members of a noble profession.

Dr. Johnson comforting a very injured, very scared patient

Chiropractic is based on the philosophy of “Vitalism” which we as chiropractors refer to as “innate intelligence” and “universal intelligence”. Gandi called it “Truth-Force”, “Love-Force”, or “Soul-Force”- Satyagraha; “polite insistence on truth through self-sacrifice which is the pure love for all Life that transforms enemies into allies”. This innate force-based on truth and love is infinite and unlimited. I believe that this is the power of chiropractic."

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