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We've Made our List and Checked it Twice!!

We are so excited to have assembled a stellar Gonstead Chiropractic group! Each one has been thoroughly vetted and we are proud to share this once in a lifetime experience with them.

Tis the season for generosity, giving, camaraderie and joy! It's a fantastic time of year, and we keep these sentiments in mind as we continue to prep and plan for each mission trip to be better than the one before.

This upcoming year's trip will be a new location for us, and we are so elated to spread the gift of chiropractic to this underserved community! We will be staying in Antigua, but the area we will be serving is called Pastores. Our team is full steam ahead with planning and we will continue to work hard to provide the highest quality of service to our team and group, so that they can provide the highest quality of care to the people of Guatemala!

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