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... And We're Back! (A look into 2022 Guatemala Trip)

To say that the last few years were a bit of a rough patch is an understatement. It has been hard to build back up the momentum after the pandemic. Thankfully, we were finally able to make a trip happen this year! It was spearheaded by Dr. Pamela Troxell and Calvin Winter last month, and after some time rest and recover, we just want to share our gratitude for being able to start up again!

As this is our first organized trip, it was new territory and new atmosphere to return and serve. We know we could not have made this happen without the team of volunteer doctors who participated with us.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much to all the people who participated, volunteered, and made this trip happen! We are so happy to get back into these trips, and look forward to another one soon!

*Photo gallery updates coming soon!

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