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Calling all Chiropractic Students and Doctors!

Hi there! Dr. Zhu here =D

It's been a minute, sorry for the long hiatus! I was on maternity leave (I had a baby in March, and she's perfect, thanks for asking!) As we prepare to ramp up planning for our next trip, I just wanted to remind people that in between trips, we have workshops conducted by Dr. Randal Johnson! He is such a fantastic local resource for those in the California Bay Area. Not only is he a Gonstead Fellow who is still active in practice for over 35 years, but he demonstrates selfless service through his presidency of our nonprofit through active participation on the trips to Guatemala, and mentoring those on the trip.

For this past year, he has been donating his time to teach students and doctors once a month on a single subject within the Gonstead system. He drives 2 hours from Monterey to my office in Santa Clara to make it easier for students and doctors to learn from his expertise, and all for the benefit of those who make the time to come, and Tanaka Chiropractic Missions! He provides 4 hours of focused teaching and I learn something new each time that I can directly apply to practice that week!

I know as local doctors and students, it's easy to take these things for granted. "I have to give up 4 hours of my precious Saturday.." and such thoughts can easily creep in, especially because we already live, breathe, and eat chiropractic as students and doctors during the work week. I promise you though, that the time flies, you feel invigorated, and will wish it didn't end!

What can you learn in just 4 hours? Well, here is a taste of what Dr. Johnson goes over with analysis , and that's only 20 seconds!

As a student, I was discouraged from learning and practicing Gonstead and deprived of quality instructors for the Gonstead technique and it made me thirsty for more knowledge, more practice, and more mentors. I selflessly want to share my mentors with those who will actually value their precious advice and selfishly want to learn more from them myself, so join me in the endless deep-dive of this beautiful technique!

Armed with borrowed experience of our mentors, we are better equipped to heal our patients and our communities!

Contact us at and follow us on instagram to stay in the loop and sign up for his workshops!

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