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Dr. Tanaka's Health Update!

We are elated to share that Dr. Tanaka was able to receive a donated kidney!

For those who didn't know before, Dr. Tanaka fell ill in 2015 and has needed to be on dialysis since. It hasn't slowed him down in practice though! He still sees patients, and meets with other Gonstead doctors for a meeting of the minds once a month!

He has been recovering for the past month, and is hopeful to rejoin the mission trips as soon as he can! Although we would like him to take his time to rest and recuperate, we know he is full steam ahead and will love for him to come along with us on our upcoming trips soon!

Thank you to those who have kept him in your thoughts and prayers, and for those of you who have donated your time, money, and efforts into keeping these mission trips going! We couldn't have kept the vision alive without you! =)

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