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Look who's coming to Guatemala!

Alright, enough teasing.. It's finally time to announce who is going to be on the 2020 trip officially! We are proud to bring with us highly skilled chiropractors to serve Antigua!

The doctors coming on this trip are:

Dr. Justine Rhee

Dr. Pamela Troxell

Dr. Norm Dabalos

Dr. Tillie Dowd

Dr. Randal Johnson

Federico De Fazio

Cal Winter

They have all been thoroughly vetted and with a few Gonstead Diplomates and Fellows, this promises to be a trip to remember! Not only will the health and well-being of each patient improve exponentially and naturally, but the doctors and volunteers will gain a vast knowledge from each other and grow in purpose and skill as well!

Apropos to the holiday season, their big hearts and selfless giving through service to their fellow man is the greatest gift we could hope for in the upcoming year! =)

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