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Summer is in Session with Workshops!

We have JUST started a brand new workshop series with Dr. Randal Johnson! He has graciously offered to provide monthly 4 hour workshops at his beautiful office in Monterey, CA.

* Dr. Johnson is on the left, with happy patients, one is holding his face. Location: Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

For those who don't know, Dr. Johnson is a Gonstead Fellow and has been in practice for over 35 years. "It is the highest level of expertise in the GCSS" and requires at least 10 years in practice and countless more in supporting, teaching, and further study into the Gonstead work. Along with full time practice, being executive board member at GCSS, and founding Tanaka Chiropractic Missions, Dr. Johnson also actively continues to provide loving service, donating what time he has left to passing on his extensive skill to students and doctors.

I think these workshops are so special and valuable to the Northern California doctors and students who would like pursue the Gonstead work. In my opinion, he is a great untapped resource of knowledge and expertise in the area. He has an ability to detect the subluxation in a way that is efficient and clear when you see him assess, but wouldn't have thought of yourself. Not only is he thorough and concise with assessment, but his adjustments are impactful without being forceful. He takes great care to pre and post assessment to KNOW he has affected the neurology and made improvement to clear those subluxations on that person. It's really no wonder that people who are his patients love him!

It is such a gift that he is sharing his talents to help shape the future of chiropractic for all our betterment. His first workshop was in mid June, and it has already made me a better chiropractor! We are holding them once a month and as a special for summer, his workshops will only be $10 donation! We can't guarantee it will be the same after, so take advantage! I know I will!

Next one is July 30th on Thoracic Spine-- It is one not to be missed! We discussed how thoracics are the "easiest" to move, but arguably are the hardest to correct. See what he means for yourself! Don't miss out!

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