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Our workshops are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Gonstead technique in just 4 hours. Led by Dr. Randal Johnson in California, workshops are perfect for chiropractors looking to expand their knowledge and skills. Best of all, 100% of the proceeds go towards Tanaka Chiropractic Missions, so you can feel good about investing in your education while giving back to the community.

The list for dates of upcoming workshops are below.  Please register ahead of time to secure your spot!

Upcoming Dates

Cervical Workshop

APRIL 13, 2024 1-5pm --Deep dive detail on all things Cervical spine! From analysis to adjustive technique, we give a rare opportunity for specific questions answered as well as 1-1 guidance and feedback by a Gonstead Diplomate (Dr. Jennifer Zhu) and a Gonstead fellow (Dr. Randal Johnson). This will be from 1pm-5pm at Element Chiropractic Wellness in Santa Clara, CA.

Knee Chest Workshop
Lumbopelvic Workshop
Upper Extremity Workshop
Lower Extremity Workshop
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