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Here you will find all the ways to contact us!  You can find any forms needed to apply for a trip on the left and you can register for a workshop on the right.  

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! 

Like what we are doing and just want to support?  Feel free to donate!

Apply for a Trip

Below is the application form, waiver, and fee!  Please complete and send in ALL 3 in order to apply!  You can send them to

Step 1: Send the Application and Waiver via Email and Pay the Application Fee
Step 2: Wait for a Response from Us

After you receive a confirmation email with more details on the trip, you can pay the participation fee here!

Step 3: Book Flights and Pay the Participation Fee

Register for a Workshop

To Join a workshop, just fill the registration below and pay the fee for doctor or student.  Please complete and fill BOTH in order to register!

Step 1: Fill the Form

Thanks for submitting!

Step 2: Pay the Donation 

Have a Question?

Send us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Thanks for submitting!

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